Actividades Firgas

ERASMUS+ PROJECT – “European Students on the other side of the volcano” Firgas – Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) – Spain
2nd to 11th Feb 2020

Sunday 2nd

Arrival of participants at Gran Canaria airport. Reception by the host families. Accommodation. Teachers will stay at “Finca de Plataneras Histórica 20:00 Teachers dinner at San Andrés

Monday 3rd Feb
José Luis y Esteban
9:00 Reception City Hall
10:00 Reception IES Villa de Firgas (Casa Cultura)
10.30 Break
10.45 Presentations of the partners: “Our schools, countries and regions”.
11.00 Visit Firgas village. Snack
13.00 Finding Stones in Arucas: Searching walk.
15:00 Lunch at Primary School.
16.30 1st Work sesion at school
18.00 Go to home.
20.00 Teacher dinner at Agaete.
Tuesday 4th Feb
Carlota y Elena (o/y Manolo)
7.00 Departure by bus to Agaete Ferry port.
Don’t forget: - A small back pack to put your things in; Camera; Sunglasses; Warm sweater and confortable clothes; Sunscreen lotion; Water.
8.00 Ferry trip to Tenerife.
9.15 Arrival at Tenerife.
9.45 Departure by bus to Pico de Teide (3718 m)
10.45 Visit Observatorio Astrofísico del Teide (
12.30 Arrival at Teleférico (cable car) del Teide.
13.30 Picnic at 3500 m high
15.30 Visit to Las Cañadas del Teide – Centro Visitantes El Portillo
17.00 Departure to Santa Cruz
20.00 Departure Ferry to Gran Canaria
21.15 Arrival at Agaete (Gran Canaria)
21.30 To home.
21.30 Teachers dinner in Agaete.


Wednesday 5th Feb
José Luis y Dimas
8.00 Meeting in the school.
8.15 Departure to El Confital (Las Palmas)
9.00 Walk: Fosils and geological structures in Las Palmas
10.00 Break
10.45 Snorkel / Surf: Submarine photo contest: 1º group (
12.15 Surf /Snorkel: Submarine photo contest: 2nd group
14.30 Lunch at Las Arenas
16.30 Walk around Las Canteras.
17.30 Departure back to Firgas throuhg Bandama.
20.30 Teachers dinner at Arucas
Thursday 6th Feb
Carlota y Alicia F.
8.00 Meeting at the school
8.15 Departure to Maipes (Agaete)
11.30 Break
12.00 Departure to El Cenobio
12.30 Visit El Cenobio
13.30 Departure to Guía
14.00 Lunch at Comedor Pedagógico IES Sta María de Guía.
16.00 Work at computers in IES Villa de Firgas: changing photos.
Meeting Lanzarote visit: Advices.
18.00 Finish day
20.30 Teachers dinner at San Andrés or Firgas
Friday 7th Feb
José Luis y Esteban (acompaña también Eduardo)
8.00 Departure to Gran Canaria Airport
Things to take: Underware for Saturday, toilet suplies, cap, Camera; Sunglasses; Warm sweater and confortable clothes; Sunscreen lotion; Towel.

9.00 Departure to Lanzarote
10.00 Arrival at Lanzarote
12.00 Visit Centro de Visitantes Timanfaya (
12.45 Walk around Timanfaya
14.30 Lunch at El Golfo
17.00 Departure to Mirador del Río - Residencia
18.30 Arrival at Residencia Haría – Showers, etc
18.30 – 20.00 Free Time
20.30 Dinner
21.15 Geological Contest and Stars Observation from Haría
22.30 Good Night

Saturday 8th Feb
7.00 Wake up
8.00 Breakfast
9.00 Departure to Corona Volcán
9.30 Arrival at Yé. 30’ walking trail to Corona Volcán (
11.00 Break – Departure to Los Jameos
12.24 Departure to Arrecife
13.30 Visit Arrecife and Lunch Picnic
14.30 Departure to Airport
16.00 Departure to Gran Canaria
17.00 Arrival at Gran Canaria
18.00 Arrival at Firgas
20.30 Teachers dinner at San Andrés (or Las Canteras)

Sunday 9th Feb

Free day with host families
20.30 Teachers dinner at Melenara.


Monday 10th Feb

8.00 Meeting at school
8.30 Workshop at the school (Bring photos and wire to conect mobiles to computers)
10.45 Break
11.15 Workshop at school and Presentation of poster and route at the Auditorium or in the School (Biblioteca)
14.00 Lunch at home (or lunch in El Chiringuito pagada por Ayuntamiento)
18.30 Farewell in the School. Oficial Certificates delivery
22.30 Finish

Departure of participants